Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to our most frequently asked questions about the membership process, attendance, dues and more.

How does EAC work?

Each Tuesday, EAC members meet for a breakfast meeting to exchange leads, referrals and grow B2B relationships. Members become part of a close knit organization focused on increasing member’s business and sales. Each week, one of our members gives the main presentation as a way to showcase their business.

EAC is run by an active Board of Directors – made up of members and voted on by members each year.

What is your application process?

Send the completed membership application along with the initiation fee to the Executive Assistant. The Membership Committee will review the application and present it to the Board for approval. There is a 2 week “cooling off” period – where the application is presented to the general membership for approval.

What are the benefits of joining the EAC?

The loyalty of our members is impressive. We have over 50 members and the average tenure is over 10 years.

  • Generate new business
  • Network on a weekly basis with over 50 other business owners in Charlotte
  • Build your “sales team” – members of the EAC will help market your business to their network
  • Develop a loyal base of new friends and business contacts
  • Generate contacts through affiliated association in over 100 cities through the IEA membership.

What are the member responsibilities?

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings. If a member misses more than 13 meetings in a calendar year, their membership is terminated.
  • Give leads to other members and act upon those received – yourself!
  • Provide information and assistance to other members when requested
  • Encourage, solicit and receive business from other members
  • Do business with other members
  • Recommend other members to your network

What are the membership terms/requirements?

  • EAC prefers that the owner of the business is the Main Member. If not the owner – then someone who has decision making authority within the company. Your company must be in business for a full year before you are eligible to join EAC.
  • EAC is category exclusive. Meaning there is no competition among the members. Your company’s category must be “open” in order to apply.

Where do you meet? When? How often?

EAC meets most every Tuesday morning for breakfast at Byron’s SouthEnd (CLICK FOR MAP DIRECTIONS). Networking starts at 7am and the meeting is from 7:30-8:30am. The meeting includes a hot buffet breakfast, coffee, sharing business leads and one member gives the main program to showcase their business.

What are the Qualifications for Membership?

  • You must be the owner of the business or a qualified decision maker.
  • You must be in business in Charlotte for a minimum of one year before joining EAC.
  • Your business category must be “open”.

What is the cost of membership?

There is a one time initiation fee of $500. This must be received when the application is submitted. Dues are billed quarterly and are $350. Check or PayPal is accepted.

Is there an attendance policy?

Weekly meeting attendance and active participation are key to the success of the organization. We do have an attendance requirement. You cannot miss more than 13 meetings in a calendar year or your membership is terminated. In order to help with this, members are allowed and encouraged to have up to 3 co-reps who can attend the meetings as alternates. There is no additional charge for the co-reps.

What sort of community outreach do you participate in?

The EAC Board chooses a non-profit charity to support twice a year – tied to our golf outing and our holiday party.